Twigpaw is a gray she-cat with green eyes. She is short and has glossy fur and a sliced ear-tip.



There has been much speculation over Twigpaw and Violetpaw's parents. Some say they were just regular old unnamed kittypets that got hit by a monster, while others say they are the offspring of two Cannon characters. Now, there are two main candidates for their parents:

Now, for the first one: People believe this could be true because, in Thunder and Shadow, the littermates POV book, we get Echosong's perspective during the prologue, and Echosong looks quite a lot like Twigpaw, since they are both grey. Also, Darktail looks a bit like Violetpaw, but that where the similarities end. It doesn't make sense, because Echosing died in Hawkwing's Journey and was with her Clan the whole time, and shows no interest in Darktail what-so-ever.

But about the second theory, this could work: Pebbleshine gets taken away by a monster and, if she was able to get off the monster, she would have her kits by the Thunderpath. Twigpaw and Violetpaw were found by the Thunderpath. Twigpaw is noted to be able to jump very high, like a SkyClan cat, Twigpaw looks a lot like Hawkwing and has Pebbleshine's eyecolour, while Violetkit has Hawkwing's eyecolour and looks a bit like Pebbleshine. Hawkwing sees a vision of one of his kits that looks like him, like Twigpaw. Also, the prophecy is, most likely something about SkyClan, and Hawkwing's Journey happens only about a few Moons before the current arc, so it would make a lot of sense.


Some common ships involving Twigpaw are:

Aldertwig might be beacause Twigpaw really looks up to Alderheart and Alderheart cares greatly about Twigpaw, although Alderpaw is more of a father figure to Twigpaw, and there is a rather large age gap between them.

Twiglark is probably because Twigpaw and Larkpaw are about the same age and spent quite a bit of time together as kits.



In A Vision Of Shadows Arc

Apprentices' Quest

When Needlepaw and Alderpaw wander into a tunnel, they find two kits, one black and white and one grey. Needlepaw decides to name the black and white kit Violetkit because she smelled like violets, while Alderpaw named the grey one Twigkit because of her small size. More Coming Soon