"Follow your heart"
— Jayfeather to Starpaw in Starkit's Prophecy

Jayfeather is a skinny, blue-grey tabby tom with blind, blue eyes. He is snappy, bad-tempered, and rude, however is immensely loyal to ThunderClan and his family. He used to have the power to read other cats' thoughts, emotions, and see into their dreams, yet it was stripped from him after the fall of the Dark Forest.


Starkit's Prophecy

When Starpaw is upset over picking a mate, Jayfeather tells her a story about his romantic issues between picking Dawnsparkle and his stick.
Later, when Hollyleaf attacks ThunderClan camp, Jayfeather attacks his evil sister but she kills him. After that ordeal, Jayfeather is able to transport Starpaw into the dark forest to attack Tigerstar and his cronies despite Jayfeather already being dead.