Firestar is a large, lean, short-furred tom with a flame-colored, sleek, thick pelt, and a long tail. He has bright, emerald-green eyes.


Into The Wild

Rusty the Kittypet keeps on having dreams about the forest. He sees a mouse and catches it, but then is woken by the rattle of his Twolegs pouring food into his bowl. He eats a bit of food and goes outside, leaping up onto a fence post. His bell jingles and Smudge goes over to him and warns him of the wild cats that live in the forest. Rusty ignores his warning, and goes into the forest to try and catch a real mouse.

He goes into the forest and is about to catch a mouse, when he hears a noise. He sees a tail in the bushes and follows it, getting attacked from behind by a scrawny, grey cat. Rusty fights the cat, who gives up and starts talking to him. The cat says his name is Greypaw and that he is a ThunderClan Apprentice. Greypaw smells cats from his Clan and tells Rusty to go, but it is too late. Bluestar and Lionheart emerge from the bushes. Bluestar compliments Rusty on his fighting skills, while Lionheart says he should go back to his twolegs.

Rusty complains, saying he was only going to take a mouse or two, and that there was surely enough to go around, but Bluestar firmly states that there is never enough to go around. Rusty is scared at Bluestar's rage and promises to never hunt in the forest again. Bluestar and Lionheart relax and Rusty continues to ask about Clan life. Bluestar is impressed by Rusty's curiosity and asks if Rusty would like to join ThunderClan. Rusty is shocked and asks for more time, so Bluestar gives him until Sunhigh.

The next day, Rusty informs Smudge on his decision. Smudge says it's a trick, but Rusty lets him know he trusts the Clan cats and goes into the woods to meet them. He sees Lionheart and Whitestorm and gets escorted to camp.

When Bluestar announces her decision to the rest of the Clan, a young warrior named Longtail taunts Rusty for his collar, saying Twolegs would invade their territory to retrieve Rusty. Rusty is so infuriated by this that he attacks Longtail, giving him a torn ear and getting his collar ripped off. Bluestar acccepts Rusty's broken collar as a sign that Rusty should be accepted into the Clan and names him Firepaw, in honor of his flame-coloured pelt.

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